EXPECTED IMPACT | Scientific, economical and social

ValiCET will develop innovative technologycal tools and ICT tools for strategic sectors of the Mediterranean agro-food chain, to potentiate creation of new business models to increase their competitiveness, suited to local clusters and SMEs, create new jobs and potentiate new generations of young entrepreneurs in rural areas.


The innovative eco-technological solutions and the exploitation of several natural, low-cost sources (agro-food residues) to produce functional ingredients/additives for the production of added-value food products with extended shelf-life and health beneficial properties, will contribute for the implementation of circular economy models in three regional value chains from different Mediterranean countries, contributing for their sustainability and increased market value of food.


Verified consumer feedback on quality and safety of products from small holders, locally produced or obtained in inter-Mediterranean country trade.

The ICT tool will contribute to:


Improve and facilitate communication and transparency among the involved actors and share the knowledge;


Build local short agro-food supply chains for the future commercialization and distribution of added-value products;


Create a local and international network among different food industries;


Enhance inter-mediterranean country trade to identify new market opportunities with consequently increased profit for the companies.