The conceptual idea behind the Valicet

Valorisation of agro-food biomass through innovative and sustainable processing solutions capable of producing high-added value bioactives from agro-food residues to be used for the functionalization, enrichment and for extending the shelf-life of food products.

Development of new technological tools including ICT tools and business models to shorter the agro-food supply chain and enhance the competitiveness of all local actors by ensuring stakeholders (farmers, equipment manufacturers, processors, local retailers and consumers) engagement and, especially, meeting consumer demands for healthier, locally produced foods at an affordable price, thus providing economic, environmental and social benefits to smallholders.



Develop and optimize cascading innovative green extraction and downstream purification processes to intensify the sustainable recovery of clean labels and safe ingredients / additives / bio-compounds with functional, antimicrobial and healthy properties from agro-food residues (Implemented in WP1-3).


Study of the application of natural ingredients and bio-compounds in Mediterranean food products (e.g. pastries, dairy products, wines, fruits) with the aim of obtaining healthier foods with improved functionality and longer shelf-life (Implemented in WP4).


Life cycle assessments (LCA). It will be evaluated if the innovative approach used for producing high-added value product by incorporation bioactive compounds extracted from agro-food residues may offer new options to fulfil consumer Health and sustainability needs while ensuring profitability (Implemented in WP5).


Consumer behaviour analysis to examine their sensory perceptions, attitudes, motivations and barriers to purchasing locally produced foods using naturally derived bio-compounds (Implemented in WP6).


Development of new technology tools and business models for accessing to market, suited to local clusters and SMEs/LE along the Mediterranean agro-food supply chain, creating new options to increase their competitiveness and profits, and potentiate new generations of young entrepreneurs (Implemented in WP7).